by Mya Kremin

The haunted house directed by theater teacher Ms. Morton is awaited by students each year. Ms. Morton selects a theme that the house will be based on, and the students dress up as characters from the theme. This year’s theme was ‘Scary Movies.’ Students dressed up as Jason, the Woman in Black, zombies, and Insidious characters. The house is constructed on the stage and is built by students and Ms. Morton. Props such as Halloween decorations, strobe lights, and a fog machine are used. The admission to get in is three dollars and students are able to go during their lunch shift.

The actors and runners say they enjoy scaring people and participating in the haunted house. “It’s a lot of fun; I look forward to doing this every year!” says Antwuane Benton, a runner. Some underestimate the house saying it cannot be that scary since it is at school, but they are quickly proven wrong when they leave trembling. The haunted house is feared by many, but no one can resist stepping inside.