Woodlawn High School Counseling Department

Counseling Office Phone Number: (225) 753-2665         |          Counseling Office Fax Number: (225) 752-7175

Our School Counselors

Our counseling department has your back when it comes to helping students navigate high school life smoothly. Whether they’re struggling with classes, figuring out what comes after graduation, or dealing with personal matters, our team is here to lend a hand. We will help them make sense of test scores, plan their class schedules, and even set up meetings between students, parents, and teachers. Plus, we’ll make sure their personalized Graduate Plans are on track and assist with any 504 Plan needs. Think of the counselors as your go-to support crew, working to make sure every student’s  journey here is a successful one!

School Counseling Mission

The mission of the Woodlawn High School counseling department is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on fostering student achievement and personal growth in academic, career, and personal/social concerns through an engaging curriculum. This will be achieved through partnerships with teachers, faculty, administrators, parents, and community stakeholders. The school counselors of Woodlawn High School will assist students in becoming lifelong learners of a productive and increasingly global society.

What may we help you with?

Ms Veltoris Phillips is our Counseling Clerk, and she would love to help with any questions you may have. Please feel free to click the “Appointment Request” button or contact her if you would like to do any of the following:

  • Enroll as a new student
  • Drop / Withdraw from Woodlawn
  • Schedule a Parent-Teacher conference
  • Submit Change of Address
  • Submit Proof of Enrollment
  • Pick up diploma / transcript
  • Meet with a counselor

Please be aware that teachers must be given 24 hours notice before a conference. Please check your student’s progress at the Student Progress Center. Parents may also email their student’s teachers. Teacher’s email addresses can be found in the Faculty and Staff section of the website.

Individual Counseling

  • School counselors provide academic, social/emotional, and career support and resources
  • With a pass from your teacher, check-in at the Guidance Office with Ms. Berry on the i-Pad
  • If it is not an emergency, feel free to send your counselor a quick email

Small Group Counseling

  • Created based on students’ interests and needs
  • Email your school counselor for information about available groups and/or how to sign up

Request Forms & Links

Scholarship Information

Please check the “Seniors 2024” Google Classroom for updated scholarship information. 


Classroom Lessons

  • School counselors go into classrooms to give insight on various topic areas: scheduling, graduation requirements, study skills and tips, social/emotional learning and coping strategies

School Counselors

Chelsea Coon

Counselor - Ro - Z

[email protected]

Leslie Walker

Counselor - E - K

[email protected]

Veltoris Phillips

Counseling Clerk

[email protected]

Yolanda Brown-Matthews

Counselor - A - D

[email protected]