School Counseling

Woodlawn’s School Counseling

Our counselors may help students with academic struggles, advising students on their post secondary plans, interpreting their standardized test results, personal issues, scheduling their courses of study, setting up parent-teacher conferences, understanding their individual Graduate Plans, and updating and referrals for 504 Plans

School Counseling Mission

The mission of the Woodlawn High School counseling department is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on fostering student achievement and personal growth in academic, career, and personal/social concerns through an engaging curriculum. This will be achieved through partnerships with teachers, faculty, administrators, parents, and community stakeholders. The school counselors of Woodlawn High School will assist students in becoming lifelong learners of a productive and increasingly global society.

Parent Information

  • Please call the Counseling Office and speak with Ms. Joyce Berry, Woodlawn High School’s Counseling Clerk, about coordinating a parent-teacher conference.
  • Please be aware that teachers must be given 24 hours notice before a conference
  • Please check your student’s progress at the Student Progress Center.
  • Parents may also email their student’s teachers. Teacher’s email addresses can be found in the Faculty and Staff section of the website.

Transcript Requests

School Counselor Appointment Request

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Scholarship Information

Please check the “Seniors 2021” Google Classroom for updated scholarship information. 

Individual Counseling

  • School counselors provide academic, social/emotional, and career support and resources
  • With a pass from your teacher, check-in at the Guidance Office with Ms. Berry on the i-Pad
  • If it is not an emergency, feel free to send your counselor a quick email

Small Group Counseling

  • Created based on students’ interests and needs
  • Email your school counselor for information about available groups and/or how to sign up

Classroom Lessons

  • School counselors go into classrooms to give insight on various topic areas: scheduling, graduation requirements, study skills and tips, social/emotional learning and coping strategies
Woodlawn High School

School Counselors

Alysse Nelson

Counselor - L - Ri

[email protected]

Chelsea Coon

Counselor - Ro - Z

[email protected]

Leslie Walker

Counselor - E - K

[email protected]

Yolanda Brown-Matthews

Counselor - A - D

[email protected]

Guidance Office: (225) 753-2665
Fax: (225) 752-7175