Woodlawn High School’s Talented Visual Art students, Cameron Rice, Noor Akram, and Lacie Sierra, recently showcased their exceptional artwork at the prestigious Real Life Experience Art Show hosted by the Baton Rouge Gallery. Their participation in this esteemed event not only highlights their artistic aptitude but also underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing creative talent.

At the reception held last Wednesday evening, the talent and dedication of these three students were duly recognized. Noor Akram’s captivating painting (pictured above) caught the eye of the jurors, earning her a well-deserved Honorable Mention. Her artwork resonated with viewers, showcasing her unique perspective and artistic sensibility.

Lacie Sierra proudly displays her “Best in Show” award.

Furthermore, Lacie Sierra’s mixed media drawing stood out among the impressive array of artworks, earning her the coveted title of “Best in Show.” Lacie’s ability to seamlessly blend various mediums speaks volumes about her skill and innovation as an artist.

“I am very proud of the creativity and hard work Cameron, Noor, and Lacie have put into their artwork this year,” stated Mr. Roper, Woodlawn High Talented Visual Art teacher.

As these talented individuals continue to pursue their passion for art, their achievements serve as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression. Woodlawn High School takes great pride in celebrating the success of Cameron, Noor, and Lacie, and looks forward to witnessing their future accomplishments in the world of art.