by Alexis Martin

The senior class of 2017 had their ring ceremony on March 9, 2016. The middle section of the auditorium was filled with students anxious to get their class rings. Each junior walked up stage to shake Mr. Steven’s hand and collect their ring. They were told to sign a class of 2017 ‘Commitment to Graduate’ sign so Woodlawn could keep their memories. All of the students opened their ring boxes at once. They were instructed to turn their ring 116 times away from their hearts, and then have someone they admire, or the person who is most important to them, lock the ring by turning it the last time. The ring should be faced to where the person wearing it can read Woodlawn High School until they graduate. Once they graduate they can turn it the other way so other people can read Woodlawn High School from their hand. The ring is supposed to remind the person wearing it to keep working hard because success is not far away.