Last month, the Junior Achievement’s “Mentoring Men” Program offered high school students a valuable half-day experience focused on three essential pillars: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Work Readiness. A hand-selected number of our own Panthers had the chance to attend this wonderful event and represent Woodlawn High School.

WHS students learn how to tie a tie at Junior Achievement Day.

WHS’s German exchange student, junior Samuel Schecke, attended the Junior Achievement Day.

“It was a great day. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a really good experience,” said Schecke. “I learned how to tie a tie, and we did real-life activities such as financial planning and how to prepare for a job interview.”

Through this program, students had the unique chance to interact with professional mentors, gaining insights and guidance for their future careers. Participants not only received personalized attention from mentors but also gained industry exposure and networking opportunities. This initiative provided a platform for students to explore career pathways and develop essential skills for their professional journey.