by Fabian Coleman

The Sadie Hawkins dance was heavily anticipated by many of the students. So when the day of the dance finally came, students rushed to the office to get their last minute tickets. At the beginning of the dance there were very few people on the dance floor, but that soon changed when the DJ put on the music that everyone knew and had everyone headed to the dance floor, jumping around and dancing. He stared with some throwback songs that everyone knew and then came the recent hits by artist like Young Thug, Kevin Gates, and Rich Homie Quan that had everyone on their feet. The dance was complemented by concessions provided by the school for only a dollar and free photos with a photo booth.

As the dance went on the students reported being happy with the neon theme as they were provided with glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces at the door. The windows were covered in neon paint and created a fun, cool atmosphere. The dance ended promptly at eleven o’clock and everyone was escorted by the sheriff and Mr. Capello. Everyone had a great time at the night of neon, or as it was called, the Sadie Hawkins dance.