Seema Kawji has been named Woodlawn High’s 2021-2022 Student of the Year. During her four years at Woodlawn High School, Seema has maintained a 4.6 GPA whilst in the Great Scholars program. She is currently ranked first in the 2022 graduating class. She has participated in soccer all four years and is adding Cross Country, Powerlifting, and Track to her list of extracurriculars at Woodlawn High School.

Seema is a three-time All-District Soccer player.

Like the rest of the graduating class of 2022, Seema has been forced to adapt to changes in education due to Covid-19. During her sophomore year, Seema was a member of the Beta Club and a member of the National Honor Society. Seema has once again joined NHS.

Despite the hardships that students have faced, Seema has managed to maintain a spectacular academic record. She has earned an A in 53 of 54 classes while at Woodlawn High. Her attitude and work ethic, along with her intellectual abilities, contribute to her amazing transcript.

After speaking with Seema’s teachers, it was quite obvious why she was chosen as Student of the Year.

Seema spending time with students at Woodlawn Elementary.

“Seema is one of the most responsible and consistent students I have ever taught.  I am honored to have taught her in two courses, Biology 1 Great Scholars and AP Environmental Science,” said Ms. Ridgdell. “ Seema currently holds the highest grade in my APES class.  This is a flipped classroom, so students are expected to watch videos of lectures and take notes so that we can investigate and experiment during class.  Despite all the constraints on her time, she stays up to date with her notes, and demonstrates understanding of a topic that requires a global viewpoint.”

Ms. Ridgdell’s sentiment was echoed by Ms. Goins.

I would like to say that Seema is a young woman who is self-possessed, self-assured, and filled with integrity! She is one of the best students I have had the pleasure of teaching.”

After graduation, Seema plans to major in Kinesiology and eventually become a physical therapist.