The talk around school is that instead of students taking 7 classes 54 minutes each, the students will be having an A/B block schedule with 4 classes a day, 90 minutes each. After having an interview with the principal, Mr. Stevens, it has been confirmed that there will be an A/B block schedule for the year 2016-2017. For the students who do not know what a block schedule is, it is when students have 8 classes total, but they only take 4 classes a day. Each day the classes will switch, for example, maybe you will have Science one day and then Social Studies the next. After meeting with Mr. Stevens, he has settled all rumors and answered all students’ questions.

According to Mr. Stevens, to calm all confusion, “Seniors will be here all day, every day.” Next year, seniors will not be able to leave school early, unless they are in internship or dual enrollment. However, it has not yet been decided what the schedule will be like for the students who have all their credits. Dual enrollment is for students who are willing to take college courses along with their high school classes. The school will partner with LSU and Southeastern for dual enrollment courses; they have not yet decided what courses will be offered, but English 1001 and 1002 will be available. For this type of course the grade a student makes in that class will transfer to their college transcript. For example, if a student finishes with a D, they will also have a D on their college transcript for that class. If a student makes lower than a C in the class, they will be put into credit recovery, but the grade will stay on their college transcript. However, if the student is successful in the class, they will receive their college credit.

Although many students believe the block schedule is unnecessary, some teachers believe it is beneficial. The block schedule offers less traffic in the halls and helps students spend more time on their lesson instead of rushing through a 54 minute class. According to Mr. Stevens, “For students it will make them a lot more attractive to colleges….there will be a better educational increase from our students.” Students will have more credits and possibly spend more time in class doing their homework. Educationally, the block schedule will help students learn
Artwork by Petar Pismestrovic more. As much as some students do not like the block schedule, it has already been set that next year the block schedule is what Woodlawn be transitioning to, as well as all EBR Parish High Schools.