Fall Sports Begin

Fall Sports Begin

With the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year comes the beginning of 2018 Fall Sports. Cross Country, Football, Swimming and Volleyball seasons begin in August. Practices for all four sports are currently underway, with the first official contest for each of the sports taking place in the final week of August.

Students interested in participating in any of these fall sports are invited to contact the prospective head coaches. While some sports have limitations on students returning to Woodlawn High School, all freshmen and new students are invited to participate.

Students interested in running Cross Country should contact Coach Rogers ([email protected]). Coach Rogers can be found in the library throughout the school day.

Coach Luquet ([email protected]) is the Head Football Coach. Coach Luquet invites all new students and all freshmen who are interested in playing football to speak to him in the courtyard before school or during either lunch shift.

Ms. Heyer ([email protected]) invites all students, new or returning, who are interested in swimming to see her in room 1208 during their lunch shift.

All new students interested in playing volleyball should see either Coach Malpica ([email protected]) or Coach Gonzalez ([email protected]). Coach Malpica can be found in room 1211, while Coach Gonzalez can be found in the gym.

In addition to the four sports beginning now, several other sports will begin practice and contests during the fall semester. Wrestling, led by Coach Guidry ([email protected]) can begin practice on October 1st. The boys and girls basketball teams can begin practice on October 8th. Students interested in basketball should contact Coach Fernandez ([email protected]).

Boys and girls soccer will be the next sports to begin practicing, with the first official practice date set on October 22nd. Female students interested in playing soccer this year are asked to see Coach Hampton ([email protected]) in room 206 as soon as possible. Male students should listen for upcoming announcements from Coach Barnes ([email protected]).

Powerlifting will begin in November. Athletes interested in powerlifting should speak to Coach Baronich ([email protected]).

While bowling, golf, and tennis will not begin until the spring semester, interested students are invited to contact their coaches now. Prospective bowlers should contact Coach Gonzalez. Coach Malpica should be contacted by any interested golfers. Any students interested in joining the tennis team should contact Coach Broussard ([email protected]).

With the multitude of fall sports going on at Woodlawn, the hope is that every student is able to find something to interest them!

An Up-Lifting Start

An Up-Lifting Start

Edward Ducre, ’17

Lillian Khemmanymong lifts at the St. Michael Invitational on January 14, 2017.


Saturday, January the 14th, St. Michael the Archangel High School held their annual powerlifting meet. Although it is a small meet composed of about 100 lifters from different schools, Woodlawn had 14 lifters in the meet.

This meet was mainly used to gain experience for the young Panther powerlifting team. The team only had three returning lifters from last year (Bubba Ducre, Carlynn Montgomery, and Presley White), so the team needed as much experience as possible before Regionals.

The Panthers had a very productive day, as Coach Baronich and Coach Evers, along with the more experienced lifters, taught a lot to the newcomers, including when to warm up, what to wear and especially when and when not to eat. Along with this being a great learning day for the Panthers, their performance was also very impressive. Many of the Panther lifters won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Coach Baronich seemed very proud of how the lifters did Saturday, yet said the team needed to work on their self- confidence and act like each lifter knows they are going to win a medal every meet.

The Lift

The Lift

by Fabian Coleman

The school’s powerlifting team is starting its 2016 Campaign and they have added some new things. The season started with an invitational event here at Woodlawn on the February 9th. The team is pretty excited about the upcoming season. Brendon Ladouph is one of the freshman on the team, and he appears to be pumped about the sport, even though this is his first year doing it. Senior Tyrrell Lewis is one of the leaders on this team and is very passionate about the sport and the team. Coach Baronage (known as Coach B) is the new powerlifting coach and has a new approach to the season and how the team is going to practice and perform. “The team is full of talent and potential,” said Coach B.

Most people believe the powerlifting team members are the strongest kids in the school, but students do not have to be the biggest or strongest to join the team. The powerlifting team is full of kids who have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a freshman probably cannot train and do the same weights as a senior or even a junior, so of course they are going to do lighter weights than some of the other guys and girls on the team. That does not mean they should not join, it just means they need some practice! If you want to join then go see Coach B in the gym anytime of the day cause the team needs more people.