Panthers Gear Up to Defend Champion Status in EBR STEM Challenge

Panthers Gear Up to Defend Champion Status in EBR STEM Challenge

Woodlawn High School is abuzz with anticipation as it prepares to defend its champion status in this year’s East Baton Rouge (EBR) STEM Challenge. The event, slated to take place today at the Professional Development Center, promises a showcase of innovation and talent from schools across the district.

WHS Students prepare to present their STEM project

The spotlight shines brightly on a dedicated group of students who have poured their efforts into crafting a compelling entry: the redesign of the Sabine River Relief Bridge with a focus on environmental sustainability. Among them are Kevin Nguyen, Taylor Albert, Edward Hasson, Henry Hlichal, Trennan Prater, Brandy Benetez, Aarav Kansal, and Noor Akram.

These diligent Panthers have spared no effort in refining their presentation, honing construction techniques, fine-tuning design elements, and implementing sustainable practices. Their tireless dedication speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and their passion for making a positive impact.

As they step onto the competition stage, Woodlawn High School stands poised for success. Among 17 formidable contenders, our school has secured a coveted position in the top 4. It’s a testament to the hard work, ingenuity, and teamwork exhibited by our students.

So, if you happen upon these Panthers today, be sure to extend your congratulations for a job well done. Together, let’s rally behind our team as they strive to bring home another resounding victory for Woodlawn High School!

Rise to Victory: Magnet Robotics Team’s VEX V5 Journey

Rise to Victory: Magnet Robotics Team’s VEX V5 Journey

Woodlawn High School’s Magnet Robotics Team attended the Louisiana High School VRC State Championship at the Randolph Riverfront Center in Pineville, Louisiana on March 1st. This is the first time in Woodlawn High’s history that a team has qualified to receive an invitation to the state championship competition. Despite encountering technical issues and overheating problems early on, the team refused to be discouraged. Instead, they embraced each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow, demonstrating remarkable perseverance.

Their ability to overcome challenges speaks volumes about their teamwork and unwavering motivation. This season, the team worked long hours after school to improve Robot 55755B and traveled to multiple competitions throughout the state in order to amass enough points to qualify for the state tournament. Even when faced with adversity, the team remained focused and worked together seamlessly to find solutions. Winning matches, despite their robot overheating, showcases the team’s grit and determination to succeed against all odds.

WHS Magnet Robotics Team members (L to R) Aarav Kansal, Hasan Abbas, and Aisha Abbasovaare are ready for the Louisiana High School VRC State Championship.

The team’s robot was the fastest in the entire competition. The win is a clear reflection of the students’ innovation, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. Their journey from setbacks to triumph is a source of inspiration, highlighting their dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in the field of robotics.

“From setbacks to success, our journey in the VEX V5 competition has been a testament to our resilience, teamwork, and unwavering motivation. We may have faced challenges, but we emerged stronger and faster, showcasing our dedication to innovation and excellence,” said the WHS Magnet Robotics Team.

Mr. Gerardo Sepulveda has been making a significant impact for the past three years as the Magnet Robotics teacher and sponsor of the Magnet Robotics Team at Woodlawn High School. The team’s appreciation for his support reflects the strong bond and collaboration within the robotics community at WHS.

Panthers Dive Headfirst Into Entrepreneurship

Panthers Dive Headfirst Into Entrepreneurship

Last month, the Junior Achievement’s “Mentoring Men” Program offered high school students a valuable half-day experience focused on three essential pillars: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Work Readiness. A hand-selected number of our own Panthers had the chance to attend this wonderful event and represent Woodlawn High School.

WHS students learn how to tie a tie at Junior Achievement Day.

WHS’s German exchange student, junior Samuel Schecke, attended the Junior Achievement Day.

“It was a great day. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a really good experience,” said Schecke. “I learned how to tie a tie, and we did real-life activities such as financial planning and how to prepare for a job interview.”

Through this program, students had the unique chance to interact with professional mentors, gaining insights and guidance for their future careers. Participants not only received personalized attention from mentors but also gained industry exposure and networking opportunities. This initiative provided a platform for students to explore career pathways and develop essential skills for their professional journey.

The Panther Play by Play – March 11 – March 17

The Panther Play by Play – March 11 – March 17

Each week the Panther Play by Play will review the athletic contests from the previous week and look forward to the coming week’s action.

Want to come out and cheer on the Panthers? Tickets for all home events can be purchased online.


Our bowling team competed against Dutchtown on the 12th. While they lost 18-9, John Cador bowled a 256, 236, and 191, William McNeil bowled a 253, and Aubrey Bratkowski bowled a 170.

Four Panther bowlers, Aubrey Bratkowski, Henry Bratkowski, John Cador, and Keylen Sonnier, made it to the state playoffs in singles competition. 

Next up for Bowling: The four Panther bowlers will be in action on Friday, April 5th at All-Star Lanes in Baton Rouge.  


The Panther tennis teams played Zachary to a tie on the 13th. Both boys’ and girls’ teams ended 2-2. Miriam Lindsay & Krystel Amo won their girls’ second court doubles match 6-1, 6-0, and the team of Caitlyn Gruse & Malaiya Johnson won their third court doubles match 8-4.

For the boys, Levi Lindsay won his first court singles match 7-6 (7-3), 7-5, and the team of Sam Marino & Jacob Aime won their first court doubles match 6-3, 6-1.

Next up for Tennis: The Panther tennis teams will play Parkview on the 18th and Denham Springs on the 21st. Both games will be at Highland Road Tennis Center starting at 3 pm.


Our track team competed in a JV meet at Baton Rouge High on the 12th. Junior Jordan Barner came in 3rd in the boys’ 200 meter, sophomore Liam Dowdy came in 3rd in the boys’ 1600 meter and first in the 3200 meter, and freshman Charge Johnson placed second in the 3200. 

Juniors Kyren Winn and Dwayne Beverly placed first and second in the boys’ shot put, respectively. Beverly placed first in the discus, while freshman James Frake came in second. Juniors Brennan Lamotte (1st), Jordan Barner (2nd), and Darius Parker (3rd) placed in the javelin. 

Freshman Jaleyia Woods placed first in the girls’ 200 meter race and the 400 meter race. Sophomore Mellody St. Luce placed second in the 400. Freshman Journey Brown came second in the 800 meters.

Sophomore Brianna Graham placed second in the girls’ shot put, first in the javelin, and first in discus. 

On the 14th, the team competed at Zachary. Our 4×100 relay team (Tyler Knox, Jay’Cob Jolla, Couren Norman, Cayden Randall) came in second place, and our 4×200 relay team (Couren Norman, Jay’Cob Jolla, Darius Chesterfield, Cayden Randall) came in first.  

Alex Collins placed third in the boys’ shot put, Khamory Gipson placed first in the boys’ discus, and D’Kobe Chesterfield placed third in the boys’ javelin. 

Mellody St. Luce broke the modern Woodlawn girls’ 800 meter record by 2 seconds with a 2:34. Junior Amijah Price also placed third in the girls’ javelin. 

All times and distances can be found at

Next up for Track: Our track team will host the LA National Guard Woodlawn Invitational on the 21st. Events will start at 3 pm. 


On the 11th, the Panthers unfortunately fell to Holden in a hard-fought game that ended in a score of 14-13. On the 12th, the team rallied to a near shutout against McKinley 21-1. 

In their game against East Iberville on the 16th, the Panthers faced defeat again in a 7-4 loss. 

Next up for Baseball: Our baseball team will play 4 games this week, 1 at home and 3 away. The Panthers will host Maurepas on the 18th at 4 pm. The team will also travel to French Settlement (6:30 pm start) on the 20th, Slaughter Community Charter (5 pm start) on the 22nd, and Family Christian Academy on the 23rd (2:30 pm start).


Our softball team played Glen Oaks in a double header on the 12th, and dominated both games. The first game ended with a score of 16-1 after a 3rd inning run rule. Freshman Kinsey Madison hit her first home run and junior pitcher Amy Kirk had 7 strikeouts. 

The second game also ended 16-0 after a 3 inning run rule. Junior Lacie Sierra hit her first home run of the season and Amy Kirk pitched 8 strikeouts.

In a double header against East Iberville on the 14th, the Lady Panthers brought home two more wins. The first game was a shutout 16-0. Amy Kirk led the mound with 7 strikeouts. Amy Kirk and Rachelle McDowell hit 3 RBI’s at bat. The second game ended 24-9. Zyriah Williams, Lacie Sierra, and Kinsley Madison hit home runs and Aerion Lange hit a triple. 

Next up for Softball: The Lady Panthers will travel to Zachary on the 18th for a game that starts at 6 pm. 


Our Powerlifting Team has continued to prep for the state powerlifting meet, which will be held on March 22nd and 23rd in Lafayette.

Next up for Powerlifting: The state powerlifting meet will take place March 22-23 at the Cajundome in Lafayette. 

Woodlawn High Students Participate in Uplifting Activity

Woodlawn High Students Participate in Uplifting Activity

The ICare Club’s initiative during lunch shifts demonstrates a commitment to promoting positivity and uplifting the spirits of students. By projecting positive affirmations, encouraging students to write their own affirmations, and distributing ICare pencils while engaging in uplifting conversations, the club members are creating a supportive and caring environment within the school community.

ICare Club member Amy Kirk was asked what she believed the purpose of the activity was.

Junior Dwayne Beverly shows his positive affirmation during ICare’s lunch initiative.

“The purpose of it is to campaign and spread the word that no matter what you may be going through in life right now, you matter and you are loved and cared about,” said Kirk. “It’s about spreading positivity and reminding those around you that they matter.”

Kirk’s statement underscores the central message of the activity: to remind individuals that they are valued and supported regardless of the challenges they may be facing. The emphasis on spreading positivity and reinforcing the idea that everyone matters contributes to fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among students.

Overall, the ICare Club’s efforts align with their mission of promoting kindness, empathy, and support within the school community. By consistently reminding students that they are loved and heard, the club is making a meaningful impact on the emotional well-being of their peers.