Fall Sports Begin

Fall Sports Begin

With the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year comes the beginning of 2018 Fall Sports. Cross Country, Football, Swimming and Volleyball seasons begin in August. Practices for all four sports are currently underway, with the first official contest for each of the sports taking place in the final week of August.

Students interested in participating in any of these fall sports are invited to contact the prospective head coaches. While some sports have limitations on students returning to Woodlawn High School, all freshmen and new students are invited to participate.

Students interested in running Cross Country should contact Coach Rogers (mstrickland@ebrschools.org). Coach Rogers can be found in the library throughout the school day.

Coach Luquet (dluquet@ebrschools.org) is the Head Football Coach. Coach Luquet invites all new students and all freshmen who are interested in playing football to speak to him in the courtyard before school or during either lunch shift.

Ms. Heyer (aheyer@ebrschools.org) invites all students, new or returning, who are interested in swimming to see her in room 1208 during their lunch shift.

All new students interested in playing volleyball should see either Coach Malpica (nmalpica@ebrschools.org) or Coach Gonzalez (mgonzalez@ebrschools.org). Coach Malpica can be found in room 1211, while Coach Gonzalez can be found in the gym.

In addition to the four sports beginning now, several other sports will begin practice and contests during the fall semester. Wrestling, led by Coach Guidry (cguidry@ebrschools.org) can begin practice on October 1st. The boys and girls basketball teams can begin practice on October 8th. Students interested in basketball should contact Coach Fernandez (efernandez@ebrschools.org).

Boys and girls soccer will be the next sports to begin practicing, with the first official practice date set on October 22nd. Female students interested in playing soccer this year are asked to see Coach Hampton (champton2@ebrschools.org) in room 206 as soon as possible. Male students should listen for upcoming announcements from Coach Barnes (abarnes@ebrschools.org).

Powerlifting will begin in November. Athletes interested in powerlifting should speak to Coach Baronich (sbaronich@ebrschools.org).

While bowling, golf, and tennis will not begin until the spring semester, interested students are invited to contact their coaches now. Prospective bowlers should contact Coach Gonzalez. Coach Malpica should be contacted by any interested golfers. Any students interested in joining the tennis team should contact Coach Broussard (wbroussard@ebrschools.org).

With the multitude of fall sports going on at Woodlawn, the hope is that every student is able to find something to interest them!

Panthers Dominant in First Postseason Contest

Panthers Dominant in First Postseason Contest

The fifth seeded Woodlawn soccer team moved onto the third round of the LHSAA Divison II soccer playoffs Thursday night. The Panthers dominated the second half of their match versus the twelfth ranked Beau Chene Gators, pushing seven goals past the keeper in the last forty minutes, for an 8-1 victory.

The Panthers soccer team poses after their 8-1 victory over Beau Chene on February 9, 2017.

“We hadn’t played in a little while. Having the bye is a good thing, and a bad thing. We were able to come out in the second half and actually play our game, which resulted in quite a few goals,” said Head Coach Andrew Barnes. “All in all, I’m very happy with the kids. I’m glad that we could represent Woodlawn and get the W.”

The Panthers first threat of the night came in the fourth minute. Junior midfielder Igor Castillo-Veliz put a shot off the post from 25 yards out. This would prove to be the first of many close calls in the first half for Woodlawn.

Sophomore forward Brennan Arceneaux was next to get into the action, with a shot in the fifth minute that was saved by junior Gator keeper LaTrell Beauchamp. Just three minutes later, Castillo-Veliz put his second shot on goal from the box. Beauchamp was able to make another save, but this time for a corner.

Sophomore defender J-myri George was able to get a shot off after the corner from junior midfielder Jacob Barnes, but the ball was deflected by a Gator defender and the Panthers forced another corner. This corner found the feet of senior forward Eduin Delcid, but his shot from the box was just wide of the goal.

The next ten minutes saw Arceneaux just miss from twenty yards out, Beauchamp make an acrobatic save on an eighteen yard Delcid shot, Castillo-Veliz miss a shot attempt just wide, and Beauchamp make two additional saves on Delcid shots from the edge of the box.

The offensive barrage did not stop there, but the Gator keeper was up to the task, as he saved three more shots, one by Castillo-Veliz and two by Delcid.

Beau Chene was finally able to threaten in the 26th minute, as a Gator forward was able to get past the Panther defense. As the Woodlawn faithful called for an offsides, sophomore keeper Jakarie Davis made his first save of the night to keep the score knotted at zero.

Eduin Delcid looks to score versus Beau Chene.

In the 28th minute, Delcid appeared to open the scoring when he slid a ball past the slide Gator keeper. However, the offsides call negated the goal. Not to be deterred, the Panthers were on the board less than a minute later when Castillo-Veliz found Delcid streaking past the Beau Chene defense. The Woodlawn forward found the back of the net for the 48th time this season, making the score 1-0. This score would carry into halftime.

When the Panthers came out in the second half, there was one notable change in the formation. Delcid, who had been playing midfield, had moved to the top of the offense as a forward.

“At halftime, Coach Barnes said that we needed to keep it up and the goals will come. He said that we were working hard,” said Delcid of his coach’s halftime message. “He moved me from midfield to forward because we felt that I could take advantage of the matchups with their defenders.”

This strategy paid off quickly for Woodlawn. Less than two minutes into the half, Barnes sent a through ball into the box. Delcid gave chase, but reached the ball with no apparent angle for a shot at the goal. An attempt at finding a teammate in front of the goal instead resulted in his second goal of the night, and a 2-0 lead.

“I didn’t have an angle, so I just kicked it toward the middle, trying to center it for a teammate. When I hit it, I just got lucky and the ball went in,” explained Delcid.

It did not take Delcid long to end any thoughts that the Gators may have had of keeping the game close. In the 46th minute, he was able to collect a ball from junior Erick Ixcotoyac in the box. From about ten yards out, the senior forward found the back of the net for the hat trick.

Jacob Barnes wins a ball over a Beau Chene player.

With the score now 3-0, the Panthers continued to apply pressure which resulted in goals. Castillo-Veliz took a pass from senior Alan Orellana-Gomez and finished the goal from ten yards out in the 48th minute, and Barnes scored his first goal on a penalty kick in the 50th minute, giving Woodlawn a 5-0 lead.

Over the next ten minutes, both keepers were tested, but neither team were able to score. That changed in the 63rd minute when Arceneaux was able to give the Panthers the 6-0 lead from ten yards out. The offensive fireworks were not yet done, as Barnes scored his second goal of the night on an amazing corner.

“I noticed that the back post was open on all of our corners. When we finally got a corner on the right side, I just went for it and the ball went right where I was hoping,” said the younger Barnes when asked about his goal.

J-myni George dribbles past a defender.

The scoring ended in the 76th minute, as junior J-myni George was able to score his first game of the season, giving the Panthers the final margin of victory.

Delcid was asked about the impact of moving the speedy defender to the top of the offense.

“J-myni did a great job tonight hustling down the field. Anytime we kicked a ball long, he stretched the defense and opened up the field, allowing me free space in the middle. I was really excited that he scored the goal to end the game.”

The Panthers dominated the ball throughout the game, finishing with thirty shots compared to only ten for the Gators. The Gators one goal came in the 73rd minute, denying Davis

Back to Back: Boys’ Soccer Team Claim District Championship

Back to Back: Boys’ Soccer Team Claim District Championship

The Woodlawn boys’ soccer team claimed the District Championship for the second straight year. The team finished the regular season with a record of 3-0-1 in district and an overall record of 11-3-4.

During the season, the Panthers defeated some of the top teams in the state, including St. Amant, East Ascension and Episcopal. The team has been ranked as high as first in the coaches poll.  State playoffs begin this week.

The Panthers earned a first round bye with their number 5 ranking in the Division II playoff bracket. Woodlawn will host the winner of the Beau Chene/West Jefferson game, which is being played tonight. 

 The Panthers were led in the regular season in scoring by Eduin Delcid and in assists by Jacob Barnes. Defensively, the Panthers are led by Roger Laguna and J-myri George.

Katie Vining Takes Over as Women’s Soccer Coach

Katie Vining Takes Over as Women’s Soccer Coach

Last week it was announced that Katie Vining would take over as the Women’s Soccer Coach at Woodlawn High. Members of the school newspaper were able to interview Coach Vining recently about her new position.

Panther Post: What is your soccer background?

Coach Vining: I’ve played soccer since I was five years old, at all areas except collegiate (recreational, school,  and select).  I was the head coach at Gulfport Central Middle School.

PP: What are your coaching philosophies?

CV: I think great coaching involves taking what you believe in and getting the players to believe in it. Setting the players up for success.  I cannot score a goal for them but I can prepare them to make good judgement in all situations.  Every experience is an opportunity for learning.  Building a team that is a family on and off the field is important to having success.

PP: How long have you been at Woodlawn?

CV: This is my second year at Woodlawn.  I began teaching here August 2015.

PP: What drew you to Woodlawn?

CV: I have a gifted certification and a secondary certification, however schools in Mississippi do not have a high school gifted program.

PP: What drew you to the soccer position?

CV: My love for the game.

PP: What are your goals for this season?

CV: Provide opportunities for personal growth and life lessons, involving players in identifying individual, personal goals for themselves. Emphasize the importance of academics, time management, and a balanced life. Create a safe learning environment for my players, both physically and emotionally. But most importantly, teach the girls the importance of enjoying the game.

PP: What are your long term goals?

CV: Let’s make it through the season first and then we will talk long term.

PP: When do you plan on beginning conditioning and practice?

CV: Conditioning will begin Thursday, September 15, and the first practice will be Monday October 24.