Woodlawn High Students Participate in Uplifting Activity

Woodlawn High Students Participate in Uplifting Activity

The ICare Club’s initiative during lunch shifts demonstrates a commitment to promoting positivity and uplifting the spirits of students. By projecting positive affirmations, encouraging students to write their own affirmations, and distributing ICare pencils while engaging in uplifting conversations, the club members are creating a supportive and caring environment within the school community.

ICare Club member Amy Kirk was asked what she believed the purpose of the activity was.

Junior Dwayne Beverly shows his positive affirmation during ICare’s lunch initiative.

“The purpose of it is to campaign and spread the word that no matter what you may be going through in life right now, you matter and you are loved and cared about,” said Kirk. “It’s about spreading positivity and reminding those around you that they matter.”

Kirk’s statement underscores the central message of the activity: to remind individuals that they are valued and supported regardless of the challenges they may be facing. The emphasis on spreading positivity and reinforcing the idea that everyone matters contributes to fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among students.

Overall, the ICare Club’s efforts align with their mission of promoting kindness, empathy, and support within the school community. By consistently reminding students that they are loved and heard, the club is making a meaningful impact on the emotional well-being of their peers.

Panthers Give to Community in Need

Panthers Give to Community in Need

The Woodlawn High School ICare Club used their meeting time during Club Days discussing how they could help the local community. They decided to sponsor a Food Drive.

With the help of their ICare sponsors, Mrs. Singletary and Mrs. Tietje, members of the club discovered that the Baton Rogue Food Bank was in desperate need of food items. Several devastating hurricanes and COVID-19 had taken their toll on the Food Bank’s supplies.

Students in the club promoted the Food Drive on their own, creating digital art, posters for the campus, and by spreading the word. They also decided to sponsor a competition between first hour classes, promising free dress and donuts as rewards!

After two weeks of collecting goods, our Panthers had donated over 2,000 non-perishable goods to donate to the Baton Rouge community during the holidays.

Mrs. Singletary expressed how pleased she and Mrs. Tietje were with the results of the drive.

“We are so proud of the ICare students for how hard they worked, and of Panther Nation for giving to those in need this holiday season. 2020 has not been the best year, but hopefully our Panthers can bring some joy this holiday season.”

ICare Team Spirit Sponsors Mock Crash

ICare Team Spirit Sponsors Mock Crash

This April, Woodlawn High’s Team Spirit Club, along with ICare, sponsored a Mock Crash on campus. This crash is the second part of a three part series, The Sudden Impact Program, that students at Woodlawn participate in. As tenth graders, students take a Sudden Impact class, followed by the Mock Crash for juniors, and a Mock Trial for seniors.

Four students, Ma’Kayla Odom, Alexis Martin, Hannah Luker, and Selena Seitz, played the parts of students involved in a head on collision. Their parents, along with personnel from Our Lady of the Lake Medical Emergency Center, Louisiana State Police, St. George Fire Department, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office, took their respective roles as the scene unfolded for the Mock Crash.

The scene was a reenactment of the immediate aftermath of a crash in which drivers and passengers are injured. The audience of juniors watched quietly, allowing them to see first-hand how drinking and driving impacts everyone involved.

Each year teens from across our state lose their lives to impaired driving. Motor Vehicle Crashes remain the leading cause of death for teenagers aged 16  to 19 years of age, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This age group is three times more likely than drivers ages 20 and older to be involved in a fatal crash.

The Mock Crash underscored the consequences of drinking and driving, the impact of seat belt usage, and the emotional suffering families endure when a fatal crash occurs in reality. The ultimate goal is that seeing friends participate in the crash helps students realize that it can happen to anyone at any point in time, and the importance of really needing to be responsible for their actions. The Sudden Impact Program is an effective way to educate students on the dangers of distracted driving.

Hill Named 2017 Outstanding Woodlawn Volunteer

Hill Named 2017 Outstanding Woodlawn Volunteer

Junior Kerrington Hill was recently selected by voters to receive the 2017 High School Junior Volunteer Scholarship from the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation. The scholarship is valued at $500.

Hill performed in Blurred Lines, a program at Woodlawn sponsored by the Culture Club.

Hill, a 17-year old junior originally from West Monroe, currently maintains a 3.3 GPA while participating in football. Hill was a team captain on the 2016 Panther Football team, while playing linebacker. He is also a member of the BETA Club, Culture Club, the ICare Team Spirit Club, and National Honors Society at Woodlawn High.

Following the Baton Rouge flood in the fall of 2016, Hill and his Panther teammates assisted in cleaning and demoing homes that were impacted by high waters. When he was not helping the football team work on homes, Hill assisted family and friends in the area who worked on their homes.

“Helping those in need after the floods taught me to be grateful for what I have,” said Hill. “I learned how important it is to help others that need help.”

After graduation, Hill plans on attending a university in order to study Marketing and Business. While he is undecided on where he will continue his education, Hill says that he has looked at both LSU and Morehouse College.

Hill and fellow team captains take the field for the coin toss at Hahnville on September 2, 2016.

The Greater Baton Rouge Fair Foundation has been able to provide scholarship awards to students in each high school in East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding parishes for 22 years. The award is given to a student who has given his or her own time as a volunteer both in school activities and in activities outside of school.

Hill’s picture will be featured in the Advocate, as well as at www.gbrsf.com.