The ICare Club’s initiative during lunch shifts demonstrates a commitment to promoting positivity and uplifting the spirits of students. By projecting positive affirmations, encouraging students to write their own affirmations, and distributing ICare pencils while engaging in uplifting conversations, the club members are creating a supportive and caring environment within the school community.

ICare Club member Amy Kirk was asked what she believed the purpose of the activity was.

Junior Dwayne Beverly shows his positive affirmation during ICare’s lunch initiative.

“The purpose of it is to campaign and spread the word that no matter what you may be going through in life right now, you matter and you are loved and cared about,” said Kirk. “It’s about spreading positivity and reminding those around you that they matter.”

Kirk’s statement underscores the central message of the activity: to remind individuals that they are valued and supported regardless of the challenges they may be facing. The emphasis on spreading positivity and reinforcing the idea that everyone matters contributes to fostering a sense of belonging and well-being among students.

Overall, the ICare Club’s efforts align with their mission of promoting kindness, empathy, and support within the school community. By consistently reminding students that they are loved and heard, the club is making a meaningful impact on the emotional well-being of their peers.