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Keeping Shakespeare Alive

by Mya Kremin Shakespeare day is dedicated to the reenactment of Shakespeare’s famous plays. The plays that were reenacted included Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Taming of the Shrew, and Othello. The scenes ranged from tragic to comedic. Each scene lasted 5-10 minutes and English classes were able to attend. The...
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Worldwide Eggs

by Rebeca Aguilar The world geography classes Ms. Hawkins and Mrs. Hauptman teach have been learning about Russia and the Russian Revolution. They have been talking about Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov, but society may be more familiar with Anastasia from the cartoon movie. Nicholas and Alexandra were parents to Olga,...
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Find a Plan B

by Lillian Khemmanyvong As a student who is about to start her/his years in college, the reports about TOPS is definitely one that puts pressure on students about how they are going to pay for school. Due to budget cuts, Louisiana has decided to modify the requirements and the eligibility...
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Block Schedule

The talk around school is that instead of students taking 7 classes 54 minutes each, the students will be having an A/B block schedule with 4 classes a day, 90 minutes each. After having an interview with the principal, Mr. Stevens, it has been confirmed that there will be an...
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Star Student of the Year: Sean Snowden

by Jyron Anderson Sean Snowden recently won Woodlawn High School Student of the Year. To win Student of the Year you must make good grades and help the community. Sean is an exemplary example of what it means to be a good student and helper in the public and at...
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The Lift

by Fabian Coleman The school’s powerlifting team is starting its 2016 Campaign and they have added some new things. The season started with an invitational event here at Woodlawn on the February 9th. The team is pretty excited about the upcoming season. Brendon Ladouph is one of the freshman on...
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Mardi Gras Floats and Facts

by Alexis Martin Tuesday, February 9th was the end of the Mardi Gras season. There were five Krewe parades scheduled to be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: January 30 Krewe of Mystique and Krewe of Orion, January 31 Krewe of Mutts, February 5 Krewe of Southdowns, and February 6 Krewe of...
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2015-2016 Spirit Week

by Alexis Martin Woodlawn High School students have a lot of spirit and it was represented by the students and the teacher’s involvement in spirit week. On Tuesday we had “Tune Tuesday.” This allowed students to dress up as their favorite cartoon characters. We had many different characters roaming the...
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It is Time for Agriculture

by Rebecca Aguilar Woodlawn’s Pro-start is starting a vegetable garden. It is the first time Chef Oubre and his students will have a vegetable garden at Woodlawn High. Pro-Start is working to keep this garden year round; that means they are going to replant the garden two, three, or more...
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New and Improved Beta Club

by Sarah Hayden This year’s Beta Club has really taken off thanks to the sponsors Mrs. Fentress and Ms. Ortego; they want to bring the club up by really focusing on making the students give back to the community and building leadership amongst students. When Beta Club started, any student...
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New Classes at Woodlawn

by Mya Kremin Several new classes have been added to our school this year. Two of the classes are AP Government and Politics and Newspaper. These courses provide a different pace and offer different materials to fit the students’ academic performance. The newly added AP course is a college course...
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Physics Family

by Lillian Khemmanyvong This year Mr. Spruill is sponsoring the physics club “Club TACWACA” (The Awesome Club Without A Cool Acronym). The club is open to anyone who is interested, although there is one requirement: you have to be approved by either Mr. Spruill himself or your current science teacher....
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The Hard Work a Runner Gives

by Alexis Martin Cross Country is a mentally tough sport. It includes a lot of running and hard work. It may not seem as complicated as most sports; we do not have any equipment other than running shoes and clothes. However, the races consist of hard work and dedication. Effort...
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Zombies, Ghosts, and Clowns! Oh, My!

by Mya Kremin The haunted house directed by theater teacher Ms. Morton is awaited by students each year. Ms. Morton selects a theme that the house will be based on, and the students dress up as characters from the theme. This year’s theme was ‘Scary Movies.’ Students dressed up as...
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