Woodlawn High’s Youth Legislature went to the Louisiana Youth and Government Youth Legislature Conference for the second year in a row. The conference was attended by over 400 Louisiana students. Woodlawn was represented by Brennan Burleigh, William Casey, Luca Gambelli, and Lauren Stevens.

William Casey waits to be acknowledged at the 2017 State Youth Leg Conference.

Each Woodlawn student had a bill introduced in committee, but each of the four bills did not make it past committee. Of the nearly 200 bills introduced to committee, only forty bills made it to the house floor.

Despite their bills being defeated early on in the process, each student joined in the conversations about other bills during the remainder of the conference. Students debated for well over thirteen hours over the next day and a half, made coalitions with students from other schools across Louisiana to help their bills along, lobbied for causes they believed in,  and made friends across the state that they can keep in touch with beyond this conference.

Woodlawn’s Brennan Burleigh was voted as the Louisiana Youth and Government House of Representatives Floor Leader for the 2017-2018 Louisiana Youth and Government State Board and will be attending multiple meetings and gatherings leading up to next year’s Youth Legislature Conference. Brennan will also be applying to attend CONA, The Conference on National Affairs, held each summer for Youth Legislature participants.