The Woodlawn High Youth and Government Club attended the Louisiana Model United Nations Conference as four separate countries on February 29 and March 1, 2024.

Helena Liljeberg, Paul Pittman, Kit Russell, and Eddie Hasson represented Sweden, Taylor Albert and Trenen Prater represented Micronesia, Tyriq Cooper and Jalen Olinde represented Jamaica, and Wesley Porter and Kholbie Nethery represented New Zealand.

Woodlawn High’s YAG Club brought home two joint resolutions combating global issues from global waste management to a possible global technology crisis.

Woodlawn MUN enjoys dinner at their 2024 Model UN Conference.

New Zealand, represented by Kholbie Nethery and Wesley Porter in General Assembly Blue Council, passed a joint resolution concerning a global technology crisis. This was an even more impressive feat considering both students had additional extracurriculars they were participating in during the conference, which forced them to miss portions of the conference.

Tyriq Cooper and Jalen Olinde, representing Jamaica, fell just short with a tie of “yay’s” and “nay’s” for their General Assembly Gold Council resolution on the global homelessness crisis.

Sweden’s Eddie Hasson and Helena Liljeberg authored a joint resolution on how to deal with the Earth’s growing waste issues by burning and storing the emissions to make bio fuel. This resolution won the Best Resolution Award from the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

The club would once again like to say “thank you” to all the teachers and students that helped them fund raise during Mardi Gras!