The Debose Fine Arts Festival is an exhibition and performance event which includes fine art and music competition once a year in the Baton Rouge area. This year the festival/competition was carried out virtually. Art and music teachers in the EBR area were allowed to submit five artworks for the competition. The student winners were awarded in different categories. There were three Traditional categories (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and three Talented categories (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).

Nine Woodlawn High students placed in this year’s festival. Five of those students placed in Traditional categories, and three placed in Talented categories.

  • Rachel Ezell, First Place, Talented Advanced
  • Isaiah John, First Place, Traditional Advanced
  • Christopher Delcid, Second Place, Traditional Intermediate
  • Joann Mayeux, Second Place, Talented Advanced
  • Kerrin Whitly, Second Place, Traditional Advanced
  • Hannan McCant, Third Place, Traditional Intermediate
  • Cameron Rice, Third Place, Talented Beginner
  • Angel Caine, Honorable Mention, Traditional Advanced
  • Naya Smith, Honorable Mention, Talented Advanced

Congratulations to these Panthers for their spectacular achievements at this year’s festival.

Rachel Ezell, First Place, Talented Advanced
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