Senior Josh London

As the bell rang at 7:02 AM on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, the 2017-2018 school year was officially underway. And with that bell, hundreds of new and returning Panthers found their way to their new classes.

Joshua London, a senior beginning his fourth year at Woodlawn, said that his senior year got off to a wonderful start.

“My classes seem interesting, and I liked my teachers. It seems like my senior year is going to go great. I’m looking forward to it,” said Joshua.

Other Panthers had many of the same sentiments. Chase Gauthier is a third year student, and is also very much looking forward to his junior year.

Freshman Julyana Espinal

“The first day was really good. My teachers were great, really relaxed, and made us feel welcomed,” explained Chase. “It makes me very excited about this year.”

Julyana Espinal, a very outgoing and energetic incoming freshman, said that she was a little nervous for her first day.

“You really don’t know your way around the school. It is a new environment with new people. You really aren’t ready for it. You can’t prepare for it,” Julyana said.

However, she did say that everyone she encountered was extremely welcoming and helpful.

Sophomore Arielle Williams

“I didn’t really have trouble finding my way around. My sister is an upperclassman, and I had a few friends that already came here that helped me in the hallways. And if I couldn’t find them, I would just ask a teacher, and they were all very helpful.”

With the first day in the books, students are already starting to look forward to an exciting school year. Many of that excitement revolves around athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities.

“I am looking forward to joining some clubs. I plan on joining Panthrobotics. My brother (Hernan Espinal) joined it when he was here, and I plan on joining too,” said Julyana. “I am also looking forward to soccer and softball. And homecoming spirit week!”

Sophomore Arielle Williams said she is also looking forward to athletics and spirit week.

Junior Chase Gauthier

“I am excited about our special events, our dances, games, and everything having to do with school spirit,” said Arielle.

Upperclassmen also looked back at their high school careers and had a little advice for the new freshmen.

“My freshman year, I was lost. I took high school as a joke sometimes. You need to understand that your freshman year will stay with you all four years, so you need to take it serious,” advised Joshua.

Chase simplified the school year quite nicely.

“Don’t act up. Do your stuff. You’ll pass.”

Pretty simple advice that all Panthers can follow! Here’s to a great school year!