by Sierra Johnson

On April 25th, the senior class had their annual senior breakfast. Upon entry, all students received a small bag of Hershey kisses. Everyone then took their seats and a speech was given by our mayor, Kip Holden. The room fell silent as he inspired us with his words. “This is the last time you all will be able to do something like this with your fellow classmates. Most of you have known each other since elementary school, and soon you all will go your separate ways.”

Once finished, people where called, by table, to get a plate of food made by our school’s very own Chef Oubre. Gifts were then given out to the people who had a number on the Hershey bag that they received (not every bag had a number). The gifts ranged from a free Smoothie King smoothie, to a gift basket, to even two 1 hour passes to Area 51! The parents worked hard on gathering the gifts and making decorations; it was a great experience.