By Alexis Martin

Yearbook is getting ready for another year of documenting the school year’s memories. As of right now the staff has decided a price for the yearbook and has acquired a new format for this year. According to Ms. Getter, the yearbook is $50, and the staff has learned their format from their trip to Southeastern University. During their trip, they not only learned about formats but also this year’s trends, layouts, designs, how to cover the entire school, and different ways to take pictures for the yearbook. The Echo should be ready by August of next year. Inside of the yearbook the staff plans to have clubs and organizations recognized from Woodlawn High School. This is a great way for the entire school to get noticed for what they are accomplishing. Something else that will be in The Echo will be this year’s senior ads. A senior ad is a picture and message featured in the yearbook. It will let the child know how proud their parents are of them, and it will help them go back and remember what they accomplished throughout high school. In order to get a senior ad, the senior must talk to either the sponsor, Ms. Getter, or the staff. Start paying for a yearbook really soon because after November the price will rise. Be sure to thank all of the people involved with the yearbook because they work their hardest to make sure Woodlawn’s memories are documented.