Woodlawn High School’s Magnet Robotics Team attended the Louisiana High School VRC State Championship at the Randolph Riverfront Center in Pineville, Louisiana on March 1st. This is the first time in Woodlawn High’s history that a team has qualified to receive an invitation to the state championship competition. Despite encountering technical issues and overheating problems early on, the team refused to be discouraged. Instead, they embraced each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow, demonstrating remarkable perseverance.

Their ability to overcome challenges speaks volumes about their teamwork and unwavering motivation. This season, the team worked long hours after school to improve Robot 55755B and traveled to multiple competitions throughout the state in order to amass enough points to qualify for the state tournament. Even when faced with adversity, the team remained focused and worked together seamlessly to find solutions. Winning matches, despite their robot overheating, showcases the team’s grit and determination to succeed against all odds.

WHS Magnet Robotics Team members (L to R) Aarav Kansal, Hasan Abbas, and Aisha Abbasovaare are ready for the Louisiana High School VRC State Championship.

The team’s robot was the fastest in the entire competition. The win is a clear reflection of the students’ innovation, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. Their journey from setbacks to triumph is a source of inspiration, highlighting their dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in the field of robotics.

“From setbacks to success, our journey in the VEX V5 competition has been a testament to our resilience, teamwork, and unwavering motivation. We may have faced challenges, but we emerged stronger and faster, showcasing our dedication to innovation and excellence,” said the WHS Magnet Robotics Team.

Mr. Gerardo Sepulveda has been making a significant impact for the past three years as the Magnet Robotics teacher and sponsor of the Magnet Robotics Team at Woodlawn High School. The team’s appreciation for his support reflects the strong bond and collaboration within the robotics community at WHS.