by Lillian Khemmanyvong

This year Mr. Spruill is sponsoring the physics club “Club TACWACA” (The Awesome Club Without A Cool Acronym). The club is open to anyone who is interested, although there is one requirement: you have to be approved by either Mr. Spruill himself or your current science teacher. Club TACWACA, as Mr. Spruill explains it, is more about allowing students to be themselves and letting them to feel like they can do anything. “It’s sort of like everybody’s ‘ok’ zone. It’s ok to come and be super nerdy, and no one is ever going to make fun of you. We want people to feel that they can do whatever and that’s ok, and that’s what they do.” The club helps students explore science. It allows them to explore ideas and concepts they cannot learn in a regular science classes. The students have the opportunity to have a hands on experience like taking apart a dishwasher, washing machine, programming computers, and electric circuits. It helps the students understand how things work and how they are used; the skills learned and used in the club help give them an edge and more of an understanding about science for college if they want to go into Science Engineering.

Although this is a physics club, it seems as though it is more about making student feel like they fit in and are not left out. It is clear that Club TACAWACA encourages students to be themselves, and do whatever they do best or want to try. A message from Mr. Spruill to students who might want to join the club, “Just come. We are that no bully zone kind of thing. What the students will tell you is, just come and do whatever it is you do. If you draw, we have something for that, if you work on physics stuff, we have something for that. This is your chance to be you, don’t be afraid, just show up and we will find something for you.” Club TACAWACA meets every Thursday from 2:30-4:30 and is open to anyone who is willing to show off who they are and what they can do.