Ashley Martin, ’17

EBR recently hosted their first annual “Float Your Boat” challenge. The premise of the challenge was to create a boat strictly out of cardboard and packing tape to float two people for one minute. Spending around a week designing and building, Woodlawn created about six boats for the challenge.

Upon arrival to the LSU campus’ dock, Woodlawn immediately began unloading their boats and checking for any damage that may have occurred during the ride. Each team met with the judges of the event and proceeded to place their boat in the water.

Most boats were able to hold two people for one minute, leading to the second part of the challenge. Now each boat was to hold three people for one minute and add another person to be held for an extra minute until the boat sank. Woodlawn was the school that created the boat that held the most people for the longest- ten people for an extra 10.79 seconds. At the end of the event, Woodlawn was designated the Performance Award for the boat holding that magnitude for such a length of time.