by Mya Kremin

Several new classes have been added to our school this year. Two of the classes are AP Government and Politics and Newspaper. These courses provide a different pace and offer different materials to fit the students’ academic performance. The newly added AP course is a college course that prepares students for college. If students pass the AP test at the end of the year, then they do not have to take that particular course in college. In Newspaper, students write about events happening in school.

The 10th grade Civics/Government and Politics teacher, Mrs. Smoorenburg, otherwise known as Ms.Smoo, said she is stressed about the addition of AP, but she is happy to teach it. The advice she has for her students to pass: study, read, review, and participate. “You have to put forth effort out of class and at home with your notes and books.” An AP course is a college course and that is how she treats it. “Professors don’t baby you. They expect that if they told you to get 15 books for the class and they never reference any in class, you are still responsible for it on the test.” Ms. Smoo highly encourages students to take AP courses, but only if they are willing to put in the work. She stated, “Only those who have a good work ethic and put in the work every day” should elect to take an AP course. It takes hard work and dedication to pass. If students are thinking about taking an AP course next year, then they better hit the books and remember that hard work pays off in the end.

Newspaper is taught by Ms. Rozier, who is also an advanced English teacher. Students receive a topic, write about it, and then get published to the Woodlawn website. This course allows students to express their view points and their thoughts about Woodlawn happenings and beyond. These topics might include any upcoming Woodlawn events, a review, a creative piece such as a poem, or an interview with a student or faculty member. The newspaper allows the student body to know about upcoming events, or details about events they might have missed. The students in newspaper say they are excited for the year and hope to publish papers people enjoy reading.