by Sarah Hayden

This year’s Beta Club has really taken off thanks to the sponsors Mrs. Fentress and Ms. Ortego; they want to bring the club up by really focusing on making the students give back to the community and building leadership amongst students.

When Beta Club started, any student could join as long as they had a 2.5 GPA, but now the club is looking to raise that standard, even though the National Beta Club does not require a set GPA. The club is already starting their volunteer activity with the ALS Walk to Remember. They are also putting on a canned food drive this Thanksgiving. One new event Beta Club is looking forward to is going to the State Convention in Lafayette. This will be the first time Woodlawn’s Beta Club has ever been to this event. Mrs. Fentress says that the biggest goal for the club is to grow and become the type of club Beta should be. When people look at coming to Woodlawn, they should look to Beta club being one of those contributing factors of why they want to come. Beta club also has officers who help make decisions and guide the club. The president of the club is Hayden LeBlanc, the vice president is Melissa Grant, and Jarielle Johnson is the secretary.

The best part of Beta Club this year is the sense of belonging to a club and teamwork. Beta Club is very accepting of each other and wants to help build people up. They get to put themselves in other people’s positions and see how lucky they are to have what they have and look to help others in their community.