If you were on campus this week, you probably saw students in groups running through the halls in a frenzy searching for clues hidden around campus.

These students were members of Mrs. Huguet’s Anatomy classes. Mrs. Huguet kicked off their Cardiovascular System Unit by participating in a school-wide scavenger hunt – “Survivor” style! Each block had several groups of students working together to solve clues which brought them around campus. Once at the dedicated location, students read and gathered information about various topics such as blood types, blood pressure, structures of the heart, and hemostasis, just to name a few.

“When I came across this activity, I knew my classes just HAD to do this! It was such a fun and unique way to introduce and engage students in this learning adventure,” said Mrs. Huguet. “You know it was a great experience when students were asking to do this again!”

One of the students who participated, junior Mya Montgomery, had an especially good time.

“Mrs. Huguet allowing us to leave the normal learning environment helped make this activity fun and exciting,” said Mya. “We had to think outside of the box and work together to solve the problems! I hope that we have more activities like this soon!”