It has been almost a year since the singing arts have been shut down due to Covid-19. Recently, Lost N’ Sound, Woodlawn High School’s pop a cappella group, had the opportunity to participate virtually in the DeBose Foundation High School Competition. Excited at the opportunity to participate in the competition, the group chose a Christmas piece that they felt could give everyone a little hope and encouragment during the pandemic.

For this year’s competition, members of Lost N’ Sound submitted their song, Silent Night, which was recorded in December 2020. The group’s submission placed first in the High School category. The performance of Silent Night, along with other performances, will be streamed live via DeBose social media outlets during the month of February.

As an ancillary resource, the DeBose Fine Arts Series – Competition is characterized by partnerships and multidiscipline collaboration designed to salute and showcase teacher and student achievement based on curriculum and studio criterion in literary, visual, and performing arts. This annual program is motivated by advocacy, supporting existing Louisiana education standards and national education initiatives. Community outreach, as a signature component of the DeBose program, encompasses qualitative enrichment to fine arts education areas. Fulfillment of school needs and curriculum objectives, coupled with the opportunity to uphold and service corporate initiatives, will afford stellar programs serving to promote the integrity and developmental needs of youth. Addressing these educational challenges fosters new and renewed aspiration benefiting under-served and under-developed talent, implemented through “hands-on/participant oriented” project initiatives.

Members of Lost N’ Sound are Jada Braxton, Eleanore Carter, Adrienne East, Jennifer Fuenmayor-Reyes, Sarah Kring, Isabella Schamber, and Devin Trim. The group is led by Ms. Klein.