Last week it was announced that Katie Vining would take over as the Women’s Soccer Coach at Woodlawn High. Members of the school newspaper were able to interview Coach Vining recently about her new position.

Panther Post: What is your soccer background?

Coach Vining: I’ve played soccer since I was five years old, at all areas except collegiate (recreational, school,  and select).  I was the head coach at Gulfport Central Middle School.

PP: What are your coaching philosophies?

CV: I think great coaching involves taking what you believe in and getting the players to believe in it. Setting the players up for success.  I cannot score a goal for them but I can prepare them to make good judgement in all situations.  Every experience is an opportunity for learning.  Building a team that is a family on and off the field is important to having success.

PP: How long have you been at Woodlawn?

CV: This is my second year at Woodlawn.  I began teaching here August 2015.

PP: What drew you to Woodlawn?

CV: I have a gifted certification and a secondary certification, however schools in Mississippi do not have a high school gifted program.

PP: What drew you to the soccer position?

CV: My love for the game.

PP: What are your goals for this season?

CV: Provide opportunities for personal growth and life lessons, involving players in identifying individual, personal goals for themselves. Emphasize the importance of academics, time management, and a balanced life. Create a safe learning environment for my players, both physically and emotionally. But most importantly, teach the girls the importance of enjoying the game.

PP: What are your long term goals?

CV: Let’s make it through the season first and then we will talk long term.

PP: When do you plan on beginning conditioning and practice?

CV: Conditioning will begin Thursday, September 15, and the first practice will be Monday October 24.