This is part four of a four part series highlighting the students named to represent Woodlawn High on the 2016 Homecoming Court. Students were spotlighted every day this week.

chyreon-480x528Chyreon Folse

Chyreon was born on June 27, 2002 in Houma. Chyreon comes to Woodlawn High from nearby Woodlawn Middle School. While at Woodlawn Middle, Chyreon was a member of the Beta Club and also ran track. She says that she is most looking forward to the pep rally this year before the Homecoming game versus Belaire. So far, her favorite classes are Homeroom with Mr. Roberts and Sports Medicine with Coach Gonzales. Chyreon says that the major differences between middle school and high school is the amount of time between classes and lunch. She enjoys getting to buy pizza and go outside to eat and see friends instead of eating with your class at a certain table in the cafeteria. Chyreon’s has a message to pass on to her friends at Woodlawn Middle about entering high school: “It’s very fun. The teachers are entertaining. But you have to come ready to work and know when to work and when to play.”