A historical first has occurred in the annals of Woodlawn High School Athletics. Our very own Panther Esports Team has brought home our first match win in a Super Smash Tournament. Panther Esports Sub team, The Generation of Mind War, made up of Jason Delcid, Brizzio Dore, and Jesus Jimenez, came away with the best of three victory in their first ever Panther Esports match.

Esports is a lively, growing activity at high schools and colleges all over the country. It is a form of sport competition using video games. It often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, usually individually or as teams. Esports is projected to top $1 billion in revenue this year alone and double to $2 billion next year.

Panther Esports at Woodlawn High School is led by team captain Delcid. The team, which is in it’s inaugural season, currently has 16 players. Panther Esports is a member of the PlayVS league. PlayVS operates state leagues in partnership with 23 state associations and regional leagues nationwide and helps to bring Esports to all 50 states. PlayVS is sanctioned by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, which means that Panther Esports team members can earn varsity letters for participating in Esports for Woodlawn High. Players can also earn college scholarships and acceptance to their college Esports teams.

All video game matches are played online from the players’ personal devices and in the comfort of their own home. Panther Esports currently participates in two different video game title competitions. Super Smash Brothers is a one-on-one fighting game that is the most popular game for the Woodlawn High Esports team. Super Smash Brothers features many popular characters from video games across all platforms. The game allows players to use their favorite character to fight in one-on-one matches. Esports members have three one-on-one matches, with the victorious team winning at least two matches. The Panthers also have a Rocket League Team. Rocket League is a soccer game that is played with vehicles that have special features.

Although the spring 2021 league championship has already begun, Panther Esports can accept new team members who would like to play Rocket League or Super Smash Brothers. Any prospective Panther Esports team members should see Mr. Frazier in room 720 for information on how to join.