Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Morejon, and Mr. Acosta are very excited and proud to announce that 13.47% of our EL population are “Honor Roll Students” according to our latest report cards. These students have worked very hard to learn English, and it shows that their efforts are paying off. Congratulations to you all!

Straight A Students

Tran Phat (9th grade)

Mary Rodriguez (9th grade)

Saul Toledo (10th grade)

My Nhi Nguyen (10th grade)

Sindy Cartagena (11th grade)

Britney Umanzor (12 grade)

Ty Le (12th grade)

A-B Students

Mohammad Imtiaz (9th grade)

Costa Secondo Lual (9th grade)

Camila Rodriguez (9th grade)

Alma Rubio (10th grade)

Jenifer Fuenmayor (10th grade)

Katherin Mendez (11th grade)

Sergio Andrade (11th grade)

Thien Truong (11th grade)

Fatoumata Thian (11th grade)

Phu Tran (11th grade)

Wendy Bonilla (12th grade)

Gia Nguyen (12th grade)

We would also like to recognize the 11 students who have attained English Proficiency on the Louisiana 2020 English Language Proficiency Test. They will exit the ESL program and receive a Diploma.

Dulce Ramirez

Ne’vea Canales

Vanessa Bonilla

Franklin Velasquez

Maycol Pineda

Daniel Caballero

Katherinne Valiente

Nkengaka Ajarbwoa

Nkengaka Akamin

Radwa Darwish

Xinh Nguyen

Woodlawn ELL students have taken on a new challenge to improve and grow in their English skills by using Imagine Learning.  Each week the students are assigned minutes for their homework and are given the opportunity to win small but meaningful prizes. Since we began this process, we have seen the average student use go up to more than 100% and their lesson passing rate went up to 78%. The real growth shows in their lessons passed by the curriculum area: Literacy 85%, Grammar 82%, and Oral Vocabulary 73%. This tremendous growth shows true dedication. Thank you, students, and once again congratulations for your efforts.

The winners of the weekly Imagine Learning contest thus far are: Jezer Hernandez, Edgar Serrato, Mary Rodriquez, Sander Done, and Abner Garcia.