The East Baton Rouge Parish School System Comprehensive Counseling Curriculum aims to teach critical social-emotional learning (SEL) skills to our students.

SEL is understanding and managing emotions, settling and achieving positive goals, showing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

The EBR Counseling Comprehensive Curriculum teaches skills in the following three areas:

  • Understanding self as an individual and as a member of diverse, local, and global communities.
  • Interacting with others in ways that respect individual and group differences.
  • Applying personal safety skills and coping strategies.

An SEL screener will be administered to EBR students. The screener screens for social behavior, academic behavior, and emotional behavior. This screener will help us identify students that may need additional support. In order for your student to participate, you should complete the consent form at the link provided below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school counselor at (225)753-2665, the EBRPSS Department of Counseling at (225)388-5501, or the ICare Program at (225)226-3373.

Click here for the SEL Screener Consent Form.