The Panthrobotics team has been working diligently to complete their competition robot for the past month and have one last week to complete the robot build process before going to their first competition March 9th through the 11th in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Panthrobotics work on building their competition robot for the 2017 season.

Panthrobotics will then complete in New Orleans at the Bayou Regional Competition at the end of March.  If the robotics team place at either regional competition, they will travel to Houston, Texas to play for the First Robotics World Championship in April.

The competition robot must shoot whiffle balls into two goals of differing heights, deliver a gear to a gear drive train, and climb a 6 foot rope from the floor to score points. The robot must be designed and built from scratch by student team members.  The team has been busy fabricating a robot that can outscore teams from not only the country, but also the world. Mr. Eiland and Mr. Frazier and the Panthrobotics team are preparing for an incredibly exciting competition season.

Panthrobotics team members will continue to meet every evening from 4 pm until 7 pm to complete the Robot build process.