Woodlawn High School has released the updated Discipline Policies for the 2016-2017 school year. Included are dress code, attendance, and discipline policies and procedures.

Notable dress code changes include:

  • Male students will now be permitted to wear earrings. As per EBRPSS policy, no students may wear facial piercings. Please note that some classes, such as JROTC and athletic PE’s, may not allow males to wear earrings in class.
  • Students may now wear hooded sweatshirts and jackets at all times on campus. However, the hood may not be worn over the student’s head at any point while inside any school building.
  • Female students are now allowed to wear skorts along with skirts or khaki pants. The skorts and skirts must be no more than three inches above the knee cap.
  • Students will be allowed to wear joggers this year. Students will not have to wear belts if the joggers do not have belt loops. Students must tuck their shirts in regardless of the type of bottom they are wearing.
  • Students will be allowed to wear Woodlawn High School athletic, club, or sponsored event t-shirts on Fridays. Students must wear uniform bottoms on Fridays.

Students are still required to wear polo style school shirts that are purple or white on Monday-Thursday. Students are also required, per district policy, to wear an ID visibly throughout the school day. Students who do not have an ID on a given day will be required to purchase a temporary ID for a cost of $3. Students will be required to pay for the temporary ID by the next school day.

Parents and students are asked to review the attached policies together for any other updates or changes for the 2016-2017 school year.

Download Discipline Policies 2016-2017