Fall Sports Begin

Fall Sports Begin

With the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year comes the beginning of 2018 Fall Sports. Cross Country, Football, Swimming and Volleyball seasons begin in August. Practices for all four sports are currently underway, with the first official contest for each of the sports taking place in the final week of August.

Students interested in participating in any of these fall sports are invited to contact the prospective head coaches. While some sports have limitations on students returning to Woodlawn High School, all freshmen and new students are invited to participate.

Students interested in running Cross Country should contact Coach Rogers (mstrickland@ebrschools.org). Coach Rogers can be found in the library throughout the school day.

Coach Luquet (dluquet@ebrschools.org) is the Head Football Coach. Coach Luquet invites all new students and all freshmen who are interested in playing football to speak to him in the courtyard before school or during either lunch shift.

Ms. Heyer (aheyer@ebrschools.org) invites all students, new or returning, who are interested in swimming to see her in room 1208 during their lunch shift.

All new students interested in playing volleyball should see either Coach Malpica (nmalpica@ebrschools.org) or Coach Gonzalez (mgonzalez@ebrschools.org). Coach Malpica can be found in room 1211, while Coach Gonzalez can be found in the gym.

In addition to the four sports beginning now, several other sports will begin practice and contests during the fall semester. Wrestling, led by Coach Guidry (cguidry@ebrschools.org) can begin practice on October 1st. The boys and girls basketball teams can begin practice on October 8th. Students interested in basketball should contact Coach Fernandez (efernandez@ebrschools.org).

Boys and girls soccer will be the next sports to begin practicing, with the first official practice date set on October 22nd. Female students interested in playing soccer this year are asked to see Coach Hampton (champton2@ebrschools.org) in room 206 as soon as possible. Male students should listen for upcoming announcements from Coach Barnes (abarnes@ebrschools.org).

Powerlifting will begin in November. Athletes interested in powerlifting should speak to Coach Baronich (sbaronich@ebrschools.org).

While bowling, golf, and tennis will not begin until the spring semester, interested students are invited to contact their coaches now. Prospective bowlers should contact Coach Gonzalez. Coach Malpica should be contacted by any interested golfers. Any students interested in joining the tennis team should contact Coach Broussard (wbroussard@ebrschools.org).

With the multitude of fall sports going on at Woodlawn, the hope is that every student is able to find something to interest them!

Bringing Tennis Back to Woodlawn!

Bringing Tennis Back to Woodlawn!

Elizabeth Roquemore ‘18

Woodlawn High School is finally bringing back tennis! Ms. Bailey, one of the Woodlawn English teachers, is going to be coaching the new team. Because Ms. Bailey played tennis herself, she decided to organize a team and would love to share the sport with interested students. Tennis, which was once a mainstay in the athletic program, is back again at Woodlawn, and Ms. Bailey is excited to guide and teach young Woodlawn students.

Tennis was created in 1879 and has a lot to do with hand eye coordination and being alert. Tennis can be easy to pick up on and a lot of fun, all while hitting the ball back and forth behind the net. It is a great exercise and another way to get out the house. To be on the team students must have a 2.5 G.P.A. and a real drive to play and work hard. Students must bring their own rackets and practice clothes, along with a positive attitude.

Ms. Bailey is excited and cannot wait to meet her team and start coaching. The new coach has set several team goals: having fun, working hard, creating a positive environment, and learning about tennis! All students are welcome to join, even if they do not know how to play. Tennis is very easy to learn and a lot of fun once you learn the sport. Come out and join the team to have fun with tennis. You could even meet new friends. The signup sheet is on the door of room 408, so hurry and come join the team!