Panthers Prove Themselves in the Pool

Panthers Prove Themselves in the Pool

The Woodlawn High Boys Swim Team placed higher than it has every placed at the LHSAA Division II State Swim Meet.

The Panthers swam in the 4×50 Free Relay, the 4×100 Free Relay, and the 4×50 Medley Relay. All three finishes were records for Woodlawn High swimmers. Head Coach Ashley Heyer commented on the season.

“We are proud to have done so well with such a small team that includes only two year round swimmers and a two sport athlete.”

Senior Harrison Breland-Triche led the Panthers in and out of the pool.

The Panthers were led both in the pool and in the classroom by Senior Captain Harrison Breland-Triche.

“Harrison capped off 4 successful years being named to the LSHAA Division II All-Academic team and the CCSL All-Academic team,” noted Heyer. “Harrison was also a finalist for East Baton Rouge Parish Student of the Year. The team’s first semester GPA was 4.45, with every student taking at least one AP class.”

Harrison, along with Juniors Mason Watson and Isaiah John and Freshman Zack Lemoine, posted a time of 1:48.14 in the 4×50 Free Relay. The time was good enough for a fifth place finish at the State Swim Meet.

The Panthers placed 9th in the 4×100 Free Relay with a time of 4:12.47. Harrison, Isaiah, and Zack teamed up with Sophomore Peyton Rodgers for the race. Finally, Woodlawn placed 15th in the 4×50 Medley Relay. Isaiah, Mason, Peyton, and Zack finished the race in 2:16.96, despite Zack learning the breast stroke one week before the State Meet!

Harrison also qualified for state in the 200 Free and the 100 Backstroke, placing in the top 15 in each event at the Capital City Swim League Championship.
Woodlawn’s boys team placed 11th at both the CCSL Championships and the District II State Swim Meet.

Heyer wanted to say thanks to our Panther parents, who she said made all of the difference in making this season a success.

“We would like to thank all of our parents, especially Cathleen and Leonard Breland-Triche, for all of their support for the team over the past four. We also want to thank Bobby Watson and K-Watt Electric for donating the awesome towels for the state meet. These kept the boys warm enough to stay safe outside during the meet.”

Coach Heyer is already looking forward to the 2021 season.

“Next season, we will be practicing again at Crawfish Aquatics and are working on an evening practice time for students who want to be two sport athletes. We welcome any new swimmers as we rebuild the girls’ team with returning junior Kelis Kent and grow our boys’ team with all but one athlete returning. You do not have to know competitive swimming to join the WHS team! As long as you can swim, we will teach you the strokes and push you to success.”

Fall Sports Begin

Fall Sports Begin

With the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year comes the beginning of 2018 Fall Sports. Cross Country, Football, Swimming and Volleyball seasons begin in August. Practices for all four sports are currently underway, with the first official contest for each of the sports taking place in the final week of August.

Students interested in participating in any of these fall sports are invited to contact the prospective head coaches. While some sports have limitations on students returning to Woodlawn High School, all freshmen and new students are invited to participate.

Students interested in running Cross Country should contact Coach Rogers ([email protected]). Coach Rogers can be found in the library throughout the school day.

Coach Luquet ([email protected]) is the Head Football Coach. Coach Luquet invites all new students and all freshmen who are interested in playing football to speak to him in the courtyard before school or during either lunch shift.

Ms. Heyer ([email protected]) invites all students, new or returning, who are interested in swimming to see her in room 1208 during their lunch shift.

All new students interested in playing volleyball should see either Coach Malpica ([email protected]) or Coach Gonzalez ([email protected]). Coach Malpica can be found in room 1211, while Coach Gonzalez can be found in the gym.

In addition to the four sports beginning now, several other sports will begin practice and contests during the fall semester. Wrestling, led by Coach Guidry ([email protected]) can begin practice on October 1st. The boys and girls basketball teams can begin practice on October 8th. Students interested in basketball should contact Coach Fernandez ([email protected]).

Boys and girls soccer will be the next sports to begin practicing, with the first official practice date set on October 22nd. Female students interested in playing soccer this year are asked to see Coach Hampton ([email protected]) in room 206 as soon as possible. Male students should listen for upcoming announcements from Coach Barnes ([email protected]).

Powerlifting will begin in November. Athletes interested in powerlifting should speak to Coach Baronich ([email protected]).

While bowling, golf, and tennis will not begin until the spring semester, interested students are invited to contact their coaches now. Prospective bowlers should contact Coach Gonzalez. Coach Malpica should be contacted by any interested golfers. Any students interested in joining the tennis team should contact Coach Broussard ([email protected]).

With the multitude of fall sports going on at Woodlawn, the hope is that every student is able to find something to interest them!

A New Current

A New Current

By Sierra Johnson

Many Woodlawn students have wondered about the new sports team that, seemingly, arrived out of nowhere. This year’s first Swim Team will be coached by Ms. Macaluso. Her passion for swimming arose in early childhood; she started competitive swimming at the age of 4 and continued until she was 19. Her desire is to provide an extracurricular activity for students to get together and have an unforgettable time. A few swim team details include:

  • Practice is at Crawfish Aquatics every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
    • Any and every skill level is accepted
    • There’s no limit on how many people can join
    • Uniforms
    • Worn during swim meets
      • Boys: form fitting trousers
      • (solid black with purple stripe down the side)
      • Girls: form fitting one piece
      • (multiple shades of purple)

Competitions will be held on Saturdays and Sundays; two teams will race against the clock for the fastest time, side by side in the same pool. Teams will compete based off speed; hence fast teams will be paired with fast teams and slower teams with slower teams. No tryouts are held this year, so please feel free to join!